An accomplished artist of 13 years, Christine Yates has studied, trained and created internationally, offering exceptional paint finishes and beautifully detailed hand painting to residential and commercial environments. She was born into an American legendary advertising and marketing family and grew up living and traveling overseas. Because her parents were stationed primarily in European countries and Australia, Christine became heavily influenced from living abroad with her creative family and having vast exposures to multi-cultural experiences.

Christine was educated throughout Europe and went on to earn a Bachelor degree in Science and an Associate degree in art and design. She was also formally trained in England, New York and New Jersey, focusing on fine art, decorative painting, sculpture, interior design, anatomy, physiology and science. Christine admits that at first glance her educational background in both science and art appear disengaged, but her creations combine the true art in science and the science in art. Among her many techniques, she applies her scientific study of anatomy into drawing people and animals and in using the correct composition and perspective.

"I was born wanting to hold a paint brush in my hand,"

says Christine. "I don’t see a right or a wrong in what a client wants created, just different styles and that really intrigues me. What I paint is totally different from week to week-from client to client. One week I might be painting something sweet and whimsical in a baby’s room and the next week I might be up on scaffolding gilding a domed ceiling."

Christine begins every project with a client meeting to find out his/her specific needs and styles. She brings along her diverse portfolio of work to aid in the client’s vision and she gathers a significant amount of information and ideas, taking note of the client’s particular style and environment. Thereafter, she prepares a proposal that includes various options and design concepts in terms of style and pricing, which transfers into a formal proposal, listing costs and the project description. After the client agrees to the proposal and makes a small deposit, Christine begins scheduling and creating project samples and drawings.